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Bonfire Trail is an action-puzzle game. Woby and Layla are flaming meteors trapped in a planet where fire is unusual. Woby must find Layla and escape from hungry monsters that want to cook their food on his head! This journey takes place in 80 hand-drawn levels in 4 unique and weird worlds.


Bonfire Trail was based on a character that emerged in a very random and accidental way. It all began when Diego and Eduardo were working on a storyboard for a client. One scene of this storyboard had a door and Eduardo drew a face on it, Diego then sketched a pair of arms and a giant fork. Finally, Eduardo drew a big sausage on the fork. The final design looked like an oddly amusing monster. The team visualized that monster chasing somebody while holding a sausage, eagerly trying to cook it; which is why Woby was conceived as a burning meteor. A few weeks later, the team learned that Square Enix Latin America was doing a game contest. And so, they decided to use the videogame submission deadline as a chance to finish this new game faster. Bonfire Trail won a 3rd Place Award in the game contest.


  • Single touch gameplay.
  • 80 challenging levels with 4 different themes.
  • High replay value.
  • Comic-style achievement system.


Bonfire Trail | Game Contest Trailer YouTube

Square Enix Game Contest 2012 | Finalist Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

    • "3rd Place Runner-Up Award" Square Enix Latin America Game Contest, December 2012

    Selected Articles

      • ""[Spanish] ...un pequeño meteoro ardientee""
        - Geradin, Respawning
      • "[Spanish] Un meteoro busca a su novia"
        - Monserrath Vargas, La Nación

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      Bonfire Trail Credits

      Eduardo Ramírez
      Game Design and Programming, Green Lava

      Diego Vásquez
      Graphic Arts, Green Lava

      José Mora
      Music and Sound Effects, Green Lava

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks